Did you know that D.A.B. Painting is currently hiring experienced residential and commercial painters to add to their team? It’s true! That being said, we felt it would be a great time to highlight all the amazing benefits of being a painter. Who better to share these details with you than a top Asheville painting company with 30+ years of award-winning service? Read on to learn more about the three ways to know you’d love a career in residential painting.


#1 You Enjoy Learning Practical Life Skills

Everything a painter does in his/her daily work is related to practical, helpful tasks. These skills can be an asset to life beyond the 40 hours of work. They will also benefit your personal home improvement projects, hobbies and beyond. Professional painters master the art every step in the painting process, which include all the following:

  • Painting (obviously)
  • Historical building restoration
  • Best practice in building renovation preparation
  • Power washing
  • Wallpaper and popcorn ceiling removal
  • Drywall repair
  • Wood repairs
  • Light carpentry

If you enjoy being able to make simple home repairs yourself as well as improve your home environment with skill and efficiency, residential painting would be a fantastic fit for you. Every task that professional residential painters perform translate into useful personal application. Check out our list of services to see more examples of the types of services our expert painters have learned to perfect.


#2 You Crave Variety

While some people enjoy working at the same task or routine week after week, others may cringe at the thought. Professional residential painters have the benefit of being at a new job site nearly every week. As a result, painters get to tackle new challenges daily and apply their creativity to a variety of tasks constantly! If strategy and variety are music to your ears, residential painting with our Asheville painting company is your jam.


#3. You Love Working Outdoors

Not all residential painting projects are outdoors. We certainly do a fair share of bedrooms, kitchens and basement painting. However, we also get to enjoy the great outdoors, sunshine and fresh air as we work on home exterior painting projects. Science is clear about the benefits of spending time in nature – residential painters have access to all the following nature-related perks:

  • Extra Vitamin D
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Enhanced mood
  • Higher self-esteem

We specialize in high-end residential painting projects and are looking for experienced painters in the Western North Carolina area. If you pride yourself on detailed work, we would love to talk with you! Check out our dedicated page to learn more about this opportunity.


Painters in Asheville NC

Whether you are considering a career in painting and want some advice on where to begin or you’re a seasoned, expert painter looking for a company that values your work, we want to chat with you! D.A.B. Painting is a full-service painting company offering painting services in Buncombe County NC and beyond. Our experience allows us to provide a superior finish, with a focus on prep work and professional applications using quality products. The attention to detail is evident in each and every one of our projects—small or large. Get in touch today to learn more about the D.A.B. Painting family.

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