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If your home has an old or unfinished basement, chances are you’ve thought about all the different ways you can improve it. Believe it or not, sometimes the whole solution lies in a can of paint. It’s amazing how the right color in the right place with a quality application can completely transform any part of your house, especially a dingy old basement.

Today we’re going to share our top five ways paint can improve your basement. Warning: You’re about to get really inspired!


1) Paint the Floor

That’s not a typo! Epoxy paint is a popular and smart option for painting your basement floor. This step alone can completely transform your basement in several ways:

  • Increased safety (be sure to use slip-resistant, VOC-free epoxy)
  • Increased durability
  • Increased protection from mold, mildew and other forms of moisture
  • Improved appearance

There are several ways you can do this yourself, but the most important step is to ensure your basement floor is completely clean and dry before you begin. If you don’t begin with a clean, dry surface, the epoxy can’t adhere properly.


2) Paint the Ceiling

Painting your basement ceiling gives the illusion of additional height, which is a very valuable commodity as far as basements are concerned. Depending on the lighting and whether your basement is partially exposed, we recommend choosing a warm white (like Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee) or a flat black for a dramatic, modern look.

Another popular option is to leave your basement ceiling unfinished and paint all the exposed structures. The best method for doing this is with a paint sprayer and we highly recommend hiring a professional to do this for you. D.A.B., your friendly neighborhood interior painters in Asheville, can complete this (or any ceiling painting task) for you quickly and with quality to get your basement project off and running in the right direction.


3) Choose Colors Strategically

As with any space in your home, colors are a huge part of giving each room it’s voice. Consider what you want your basement to “say” and how that complements the other parts of your house. Good general advice, regardless of specific color choices, include: 

  • Choose tones that are light and rich. Light colors will make the space seem larger and rich, well-saturated colors will add depth.
  • Use a glossy finish to add a water-resistant component. However, be aware that surface imperfections stand out much more when painted over with a glossy finish. Take the time to prepare the surface well first.
  • Consider making one wall an accent wall with a bolder shade of the color you are using on the other walls or a complementary opposite shade.
  • If you have built-ins in your basement space, you can play around with different color combinations. For example, you could paint the back wall of a built-in bookcase a different color than the bookshelves themselves, or vice-versa.

As always, our professional Asheville house painters are more than willing to chime in or offer additional tips when we come out for your free estimate. We love helping make your home improvement projects come to life.


4) Unfinished Basement Space: Consult a Pro

If all or part of your basement is unfinished and you’re considering painting the exposed brick or cinder block, we encourage you to consult a professional first. Here’s why: Just as with painting a brick exterior, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding whether you should paint your exposed brick interior.

One of these factors is regarding the type of material brick is composed of and what its role is in protecting your home. You never want to do something that might compromise a wall’s ability to keep the outside elements from creeping in. You also don’t want to damage a home’s historic significance by changing your home’s potentially priceless style of brick. Give us a call to help you make an educated decision about your unfinished basement space.


5) Finished Basement Space:

Congratulations! If your basement is finished, that means that the biggest decision you have to make is about color. Here are some resources that might help:

  • Check out our recent post about the Benjamin Moore’s colors of the year for some sophisticated and soothing options.
  • Try the Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer for a digital preview of what your basement could look like with all your top color choices.
  • Do a color palette search on Pinterest to learn more about complementary color palettes that can create the feel you are looking for.
  • Visit a local craft supply store and peruse their fabric section to find inspiration.
  • Some designers have their own exclusive line of paint colors, such as Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia, which can help with creating a custom look you know you’ll love.


Asheville House Painters

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