Ever wondered why house paint colors have changed over the years? Well, if you haven’t, we have! Let’s take a journey through time to explore the evolution of home colors, celebrating the charm and character they bring to our living spaces. Whether you’re a homeowner or a history enthusiast, the palette of the past is sure to inspire your appreciation for the colors that stand the test of time. And hey- we may even throw some Christmas color inspo in here so we suggest you keep reading.


The Classic Colonial

In the early days of American settlement, homes were typically painted in earth tones to blend with their natural surroundings. Shades of red clay, deep greens, and browns were popular choices. There was definitely influence from the land and water at the time. As you prepare to deck the halls, consider incorporating these colonial hues to add a touch of historical elegance to your festive décor.


The Vibrant Victorian

The Victorian era brought a dramatic shift in home colors. The Industrial Revolution allowed for the mass production of paint, and homeowners embraced a more vibrant color palette. Didn’t think you would be getting a history lesson, did you? Deep burgundies, forest greens, and rich blues flooded the exteriors of Victorian homes, reflecting the richness of the time. Will you be having a blue Christmas this year? Call your favorite painting contractors in Asheville to help you out!


The Simple Yet Inviting Arts and Crafts Movement

As the 19th century gave way to the 20th, the Arts and Crafts movement emerged, emphasizing craftsmanship and natural materials. Homes were often painted in muted, nature-inspired colors like sage green, mustard yellow, and warm beige. This holiday season, draw inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement by incorporating these understated yet timeless colors into your Christmas décor.


The Mid-Century Modern Moment

The post-World War II era brought about a desire for all things modern. Mid-century modern homes embraced clean lines and bold, contrasting colors. Think aqua blues, avocado greens, and sunny yellows. You could draw inspiration from an episode of The Brady Bunch if you aren’t already envisioning that after reading this. Infuse your holiday festivities with a retro flair by incorporating these vibrant hues into your decorations, to get the perfect iconic mid-century aesthetic.


House Painters Asheville, NC

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