Small bathrooms, such as apartment bathrooms or a guest half-bath or powder room can sometimes be hard to choose a color for. The biggest challenge is finding something that makes the room feel larger rather than more confining. As one of the premier painting services in Buncombe County NC, we know a thing or two about that. Today we’ll be sharing some insight on the best color palettes to use for maximizing and updating your small bathroom spaces.



When it comes to small spaces, we’ve heard experts say many times that light colors are the way to go. The white palette does such a fantastic job of reflecting light and giving an airy, spacious vibe to even the tiniest of rooms. And just because it’s white doesn’t mean it can’t have a warmth to its tone. Check out a couple of our favorites:

Our professional painters in Asheville recommend a high gloss finish to your choice of white to add even more light and reflection. This is especially effective if you have a skylight or small window.



The grey palette has grown in popularity over the course of the last 10 years and bathrooms are the perfect setting to leverage a wide variety of greys. Choose an accent color or two that you love and pair it with a warm or cool grey to balance out your bathroom space.


Neutral Colors

Neutral colors that we’ve seen work well in small bathrooms tend to have beige or rose undertones. When done right, the finished product will have a warm tone to it, allowing you to avoid a sterile, cold feeling. Two of our favorites include:

Even though the word “neutral” typically implies a less vibrant choice, we don’t find that to be a negative with paint colors. This palette is excellent for creating a calming, spa-like environment that’s perfect for a small bathroom.


Bold Colors

Consider trying something from a blue, purple or red family if you are ready to give something a little bolder a try. The following are our favorites for giving your small bathroom a pop of personality:


Painting Services in Buncombe County NC

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