Along with bonfires, s’mores, cozy sweaters and pumpkin-flavored everything, Fall also brings with it an opportunity to boost your home’s curb appeal. There’s something magical about the fiery bouquet of colors that surround our homes and neighborhoods. It makes you want your home to look it’s best to match the incredible display of nature around it. Today your favorite painters in Asheville NC are bringing you a few tips for Fall cleanup. (And remember – we’re just a phone call away if a fresh coat of paint is part of your Fall cleanup agenda!)


Add a Hint of Fall Front Porch Decor

If you are a big fan of pumpkins, Halloween, Thanksgiving or all the above, this is your cue to bust out the Fall decorations. However, remember to use those decorations sparingly. This is especially true if you’re hoping to boost curb appeal because you’re trying to sell your home. Often too much “extra” detracts from the charm that your home’s design and landscaping already offer.


Try a Fresh Pop of Fall Color

The front door or perimeter fencing are excellent places to add a little pizzazz to your home’s façade or yard. And, with Fall colors being so rich and classic, you won’t even have to worry about needing to repaint before winter hits. Some of our favorite Sherwin Williams Fall tones include:

  • Ryegrass SW 6423 for a playful yet sophisticated, soft green
  • Goldenrod SW 6677 combines a hint of gold with the spunk of a mustard yellow
  • Yam SW 6643 is a classic Fall orange with subtle brown undertones
  • Spicy Hue SW 6342 offers a warm, welcoming, muted-jewel red
  • Baked Cookie SW 9098 is an earthy, deep beige that will leave you wanting more

As an Asheville area exterior home painter service, D.A.B. Painting highly recommends Sherwin Williams paint for all your exterior painting needs. It’s the perfect mix of durable, tough and beautiful.


Keep Leaves at Bay

We know; this one is tough! Leaf clean-up is a season-long ongoing process. If you don’t have a mulching lawnmower, we highly recommend investing in a leaf blower. (It almost makes the job fun!)

Otherwise, you could start a new eco-friendly hobby by using those leaves to start a compost pile. Leaves are full of nutrients that help plants grow so they are the perfect starter for a compost pile, along with:

  • grass trimmings
  • organic manure
  • dryer lint
  • food scraps

Before you know it, it’ll be Spring, and you can use that same pile to kick your gardening into high gear!


Clean Your Exterior & Gutters

Your home’s exterior surface and its gutters do a lot to preserve the integrity of your home. This is especially true as we get ready for some colder weather and more imposing elements as Winter hits. Make sure you take the time to handwash or power wash your home’s exterior (or call us to do it for you) before it’s too late! You might even want to consider doing a fresh coat of paint as long as you’re at it.

Finally, be sure to get rid of all the gunk and leaves that have accumulated since the last time you’ve checked in those gutters. It’s important to keep a clear path for moisture to leave your home.


Painters in Asheville NC

From painting to prep and repair – we do it all. D.A.B. Painters would love to be a part of your Fall clean-up team. We know that professional painting not only catches the eye, but it protects it from weather conditions. An exceptional paint job will protect your home or business against harsh conditions such as fading from sunlight, strong winds and rain. Our team of exterior painters are here to deliver the highest quality result!

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