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Whether you just moved into your new office space and you want help setting the tone or you’ve been there awhile and it’s time to refresh your look, commercial painting is the way to ensure your office look communicates professionalism. It’s essential that you find a commercial painting contractor that can handle anything – from the full exterior to a complex lobby ceiling, and everything in-between. 

However, finding the right commercial painting contractor can be overwhelming. After all, you don’t exactly paint your office every day, right? To help ease your stress, we’ve put together some essential need-to-know factors for hiring the right commercial painting contractor in Western North Carolina.


What Makes Commercial Painting Services Different?

Let’s start off by answering the big question on everyone’s mind. Why not just hire the college kid from down the street who’s home for the summer? Or, better yet, maybe you’ve thought of going with that residential painting company that just painted your neighbor’s house. Is it really all that important to hire a commercial painting contractor?

Yes. It really is. Commercial painting contractors like D.A.B. Painting understand all the quirks and quality-control issues that come along with a commercial building. They will take the time to help you assess the scope of your needs and identify any unique obstacles that could arise. Ultimately, the four key things that really set commercial painting service apart are resources, professionalism, safety and reputation for quality of work. Let’s unpack those four categories a bit.



Commercial painting contractors can offer a wider range of resources to ensure your building can be completed in a timely and professional manner. They know that commercial properties are typically much larger than residential properties and take quite a few more considerations to manage that size difference successfully.

D.A.B. Painting’s commercial painting in Asheville NC has a well-staffed team of painting professionals large enough to complete your building within the timeframe needed. We also bring contemporary, well-maintained equipment and technology to the job to ensure the quality of work being done is not compromised.



When talking about professionalism in the context of commercial painting services, there are several things the right contractor will offer. Some examples to look for include:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Respect for building regulations
  • Knowledge of code requirements

Ultimately, it’s important that the professionals you hire have a code of conduct that matches your business’ standards. This professional relationship can and will speak volumes to your neighborhood and clientele.



The last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your painting crew or your own team members and clients as the building is being worked on. Be sure to ask about precautions that can be taken, especially if painting is being done during business hours. This includes familiarity with OSHA standards and procedures to ensure air quality safety. A commercial painting contractor will already have safety solutions in place to ensure the least amount of risk possible.


Reputation for Quality Work

Thankfully, these days it’s not difficult to find reliable reviews about nearly anything – commercial painting contractors included. It’s essential that you find evidence from real consumers like you that the commercial painting contractor you are considering has a reputation for quality work. Don’t be shy about asking the contractor for references as well as doing your own research.

A simple way to begin your research is to access Google reviews. These are best accessed through the Google Maps’ program by typing the name or address of the commercial painting service you are considering and then clicking on the word “Reviews.”  Also, look for testimonials on the painting company’s own website.


Asheville NC Commercial Painter

If you are reading this because you have a commercial painting need, we hope this article has given you some simple ways to find your commercial painting match! We know from experience that the right contractor can add substantial value to your customer’s first impression of your business. DAB commercial painting services has all the resources, professionalism, safety standards, and quality reputation to help you do this right.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your next painting project and get a FREE estimate.

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