Has it been a while since your business’s interior has had a fresh coat of paint? We know how easy it is to let the urgent needs take precedence over something like the wall color. However, the truth is that a professional facelift can do more than you may realize for your bottom line. Today we’ll explain several ways that interior paint can boost your business!


Turn Heads

The right splash of interior color can certainly make your business stand out. If you’re doing things right, it may even cause clients to do a double take the first time they see your fresh look. This can even lead to a boost in your bottom line because – let’s face it – we humans are visual creatures. Whether it’s an art museum, the beach, or a well painted room, we like to spend time surrounded by beauty.

We recommend you consult your creative team on the right way to elegantly cause a stir with your color choices and then hire the best painting contractor in Asheville NC to do the job right!


Communicate Quality

When clients walk into your space, the walls will talk – what do you want them to say? If your walls are overdue for a paint job, it may communicate a lack of attention to detail or a low standard of quality. A fresh coat of paint can fix:

  • Chipping or cracking paint
  • Peeling/unsightly wallpaper
  • Outdated styling
  • Much, much more!


Preserve Your Investment

In addition to communicating quality, a professional paint job will offer you an opportunity to tend to small structural issues as they arise. When you hire a painting contractor in Asheville NC to paint your business’s interior, they will thoroughly assess your wall’s needs. This goes beyond the right type of paint; the right company will offer insight on:

  • Widow & door repairs
  • Window & door replacement
  • Crown molding repairs
  • Drywall & plaster repairs
  • Deck repairs
  • Brick molding repairs
  • Railing repairs
  • Banister restoration
  • Baseboard repairs
  • Wood rot replacement

The sooner you tend to these issues, the less expensive they are to repair. Preventative maintenance goes a long way towards saving you money over time.


Boost Your Team’s Morale

Did you know that color can communicate emotions? Who on your team might need a little boost in one of the following directions?

  • Power (black)
  • Youth (white)
  • Confidence (red)
  • Happiness (yellow)
  • Dependability (blue)

Not only will your customers appreciate your fresh look, but it will also create a more engaging, creative environment for your team to work in. When we look at top companies around from around the globe, many of them incorporate color psychology and innovation into their interior design.


Commercial Painting Asheville NC

No matter the size of your commercial paint job, whether it’s a single office or an entire building, D.A.B. Painting of Asheville NC can tackle your project without disrupting your work. We understand that you can’t put your business on hold—that’s why we focus on getting the job done right with minimal impact to your operating hours. We love helping fellow Asheville business owners bring new life to their workplaces!

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