Did you know that D.A.B. Painting offers deck staining services as part of our exterior painting in Asheville NC suite of services? One of the top questions we receive from our customers after completing a deck staining service is, “How often should I power wash my deck?”. Because this question is so helpful in understanding proper deck care and maintenance, we decided to write a blog about it. Read on to learn the basics about how often to power wash your deck (and more)!


Why Power Wash Your Deck

All decks require regular maintenance to preserve its integrity and beauty. Part of that regular maintenance is cleaning, which will likely include a thorough power wash. Without it, over time you will see an accumulation of algae, dirt and/or mildew.

It is possible to still get the same results from using other tools such as a basic hose or other attachments. However, a pressure washer will accomplish the task of cleaning effectively and in far less time. If you are new to using a power washer, be sure to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions before using it. Used improperly, it can damage your deck’s surface or possibly cause you harm.


How Often (& When) to Power Wash

Under normal circumstances, we recommend you power wash your deck at least once a year. That will give your deck the thorough cleaning it needs to remove food, debris and buildup that has accumulated. If your deck’s setting or usage is more than the average homeowner’s – say if your deck is part of a commercial restaurant property or your deck is surrounded by many trees that drip sap – you may want to bump that number up to twice a year.

As far as ideal conditions for when you want to power wash your deck, be sure to look for the following:

  • Temperatures consistently between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Low humidity and no forecasted precipitation (for 48 hours before and after)
  • Little to no falling leaves or debris if you can avoid it


Adapt a Thorough Cleaning Routine

The other important point to remember when doing your annual power washing is that power washing alone is not enough. As some of the top house painters Asheville area offers, we want to stress the importance of implementing a thorough cleaning routine. If you don’t already have this in place, no worries! Follow these six simple steps, modifying as needed based upon your specific deck needs:

  • Cover all nearby foliage, shrubbery and landscapes to protect them from the cleaning chemicals
  • Apply a high-quality deck cleaning solution, preferably one recommended for your deck’s specific type of wood or composite
  • Use your power washer in a smooth, sweeping motion to remove the cleaning solution along with any additional buildup.
  • Allow 48 hours to fully dry
  • Gently sand the surface of your deck to remove any imperfections or grooves you may have caused with the power washer
  • Seal deck’s surface with clear or tinted sealant of your choice

And BINGO! You are all set to enjoy your deck for another 365 days. Your family and your deck will thank you for being proactive. This simple once-a-year job will extend your deck’s life a surprising amount longer than if you didn’t power wash and clean it.


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