Some people seem to be born with a natural ability to visualize and create beautiful environments in their home or office decor. Then there are the rest of us…

If you are in “the rest of us” category, your friends over at D.A.B., an Asheville painting company, have your back! Today we’re going to share a trick that top designers use in color consultations, interior design and more for selecting the best paint colors. It’s called the Rule of 60-30-10.


What is the Rule of 60-30-10?

The Rule of 60-30-10 is basically a guide to help with selecting the right combination of colors in the right amount. Each number represents a percentage of the room that uses one specific color.

  • 60%: The dominant color of a room should cover 60% of the space. It will be just enough of a majority that you could refer to the room by that color. (ie: If a bedroom’s 60% color is blue, then you could refer to the room as “the blue room” and people would know which room you are referring to.)
  • 30%: This is the complementary color to your 60% color. The goal of this color is to add interest to your space.
  • 10%: Finally – the FUN color! Choose a pop of personality for this portion. You can incorporate this with art, throw pillows, lamps, etc.


How to Incorporate Colors

Inspiration for using the 60-30-10 Rule can come from anywhere: nature, a craft store, your best friend’s house, an art gallery, Pinterest or wherever! Some of our favorite ways to incorporate the 60-30-10 Rule into your home or office include:

60% Ideas

  • Walls
  • Large furniture pieces
  • Large artwork
  • Large area rugs

30% Ideas

  • Curtains
  • Accent wall
  • Mid-sized to small furniture pieces
  • Wood trim

10% Ideas

  • Throw pillows
  • Lamps
  • Small artwork
  • Picture frames

The sky is the limit when you consider how many different combinations you can create within the parameters of this rule. And, once you have made some decisions, get in touch with D.A.B., a painting contractor in Asheville NC, to schedule your FREE estimate.


Color Consultation Resources

Sometimes the toughest part is choosing which colors go well together. That’s where a color consultation comes in handy. Here are some of our top recommendations for digital resources that can fill that gap.

If you are struggling, try to lock in on at least one of the colors. Once you’ve established that color, you can also use a color wheel to help guide you in choosing the most effective complementary colors.


Are There Exceptions to the Rule?

The purpose of the 60-30-10 Rule is to help create a cohesive, balanced look for your work or play space. Keeping that in mind, there are a couple of ways to “break the rules” (and look good doing it, too).

  • Monochromatic Palette: Choose a color that speaks to you and then select varying shades of that same color to complete the look.
  • Play Around with Percentages: Try two accent colors, making the rule 60-30-5-5.
  • Color Temperature Guidelines: Identify if the color(s) you are choosing are warm or cool tones. Use that information to guide what you choose for the 60, 30 and 10 colors to influence the feel of your room.

Of course, there’s always the option to go completely off-grid and do your own thing. We like to call that artistic license.


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