Spring brings flowers, longer days, and cleaning. While we all recognize the phrase, what exactly does “spring cleaning” entail this year? With new design trends and changes on the horizon, spring is an ideal time to give your living space an update with some fresh paint. At DAB Painting our Asheville house painters understand the importance of proper prep work before beginning painting projects, which is why we want to share our best spring cleaning tips. Let’s get cleaning!


Clear and Clean

Painting can be an exhausting task, so making it as stress-free as possible for yourself is important. Decluttering is one of the first steps you should take when prepping for painting; otherwise you risk tripping over any extraneous furniture or decor pieces or accidentally painting objects that shouldn’t have been covered! Once your space has been decluttered and you have an empty space to work in, carefully clean all surfaces to be painted to remove dust and dirt before beginning. Wipe walls, trim, and ceilings to ensure a dust-free surface that won’t interfere with painting!


Fixing the Flaws

Visually inspect your surfaces to look for any eye sores, such as cracks, holes or dents that detract from the overall aesthetic of your paint job if left uncorrected. Use spackling to fill holes or cracks, and sand any rough areas until they’re smooth; pay special attention to trim and baseboards where damage tends to accumulate over time – by making minor repairs you will take another step toward perfecting your new paint job! Our team offers a plaster and drywall repairs that will help you achieve a stunning finished look.


Protect Your Stuff

Painting can be a messy business, so it is wise to protect surrounding surfaces and furnishings from paint splatters and spills by covering floors with cloths or plastic sheeting and using painter’s tape on trim, baseboards and any other areas where paint might seep through. Also remove light switch covers to maintain clean lines around these fixtures.


Time to Prime

Priming is an integral step in any painting project, especially if you’re covering dark or uneven surfaces with paint. A high-quality primer provides a smooth, uniform base for your color change; whether that means painting over bare drywall or creating significant color change through changes like changing hues; don’t overlook this step in achieving optimal results! To select an appropriate primer that’s compatible with the type of topcoat paint you plan on using.


Choose Quality Paint and Tools

Quality matters when it comes to painting. For professional-looking results, invest in high-grade Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore products on residential homes and commercial properties alike. Pick colors that reflect your personal taste while choosing an appropriate finish (matte, eggshell or semi-gloss). Having quality products on hand will enhance the overall aesthetic and feel of any room in which you paint.


Asheville Painting Services

Spring is the ideal time of year to give your home a facelift with new paint! By following these easy cleaning tips prior to beginning, your project is sure to go smoothly and look fantastic. At DAB Painting in Asheville, our expert painting services can transform any space with interior painting or exterior makeover services – contact us now so we can schedule your spring painting project!

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