Asheville, North Carolina is a vibrant city brimming with history and architectural beauty that we take great pleasure in calling home. Preserving its historic architectural gems requires hard work and devotion; one key part of restoration involves revitalizing painted finishes. Let’s examine why the restoration of painted finishes in historic properties in Asheville matters so much and discover what expertise is necessary to bring their timeless elegance back.


Preserving Historic Legacy

Historic properties tell stories from their past, and their painted finishes play an essential role in telling this tale. By restoring these finishes we honor not only past craftsmanship but also ensure the property stays true to itself.


Bringing Timeless Elegance Back to Life

At DAB Painting of Asheville, our expert home painters understand the unique challenges involved with restoring painted finishes in historic properties. At DAB Painting we specialize in this endeavor and our experienced craftsmen use their knowledge of various painting techniques with an appreciation of various eras to bring timeless elegance back into life with paint restoration that make these historic properties truly timeless.


Preservation through Attention to Detail

Restoration of historic properties requires meticulous care when restoring their painted finishes, from conducting extensive research to understand original colors and patterns used within each architectural style, carefully stripping away old paint layers while being careful not to damage underlying surfaces, to applying decorative techniques in order to recreate an accurate representation of what the property’s original design looked like. Our skilled team then applies paint colors that accurately represent its original aesthetic design in the form of decorative techniques which result in an authentic reproduction of its original appearance.


Customized Approaches for Each Property

Every historic property in Asheville has a different story and architectural style, so our approach to restoring painted finishes varies accordingly. Working closely with homeowners, architects, preservation organizations and preservation guidelines we ensure our restoration efforts align with their vision while adhering to preservation guidelines set for preservation. By understanding its history, we can make informed decisions and deliver exceptional results that bring out its true essence.


Restoration for Future Generations

Paint restoration in historic properties serves a greater purpose: protecting these architectural gems for future generations. By reinvigorating their beauty, these properties become part of Asheville’s cultural fabric allowing us to appreciate both architectural craftsmanship and artistic expression from earlier eras.


Historic Home Painter in Asheville

Restoring painted finishes of historic homes in Asheville requires time, skill, and expertise. At DAB Painting in Asheville, our restoration experts bring proficiency, attention to detail, and respect for historical preservation to every restoration project we take on. When you entrust us with your historic property’s restoration project, our expertise will ensure its painted surfaces will continue to inspire generations afterward – give us a call now for your free estimate!

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