Whether it’s a new nursery or a teen’s bedroom makeover, painting a kid’s bedroom can often be more challenging than you’d think. No – we’re not talking about the physical act of painting. We’re talking about the look and vibe that your paint choices will create. What will those walls inspire your child to think, do or say? Don’t worry – your favorite residential painters in Asheville are here to help with some pro tips on how to paint their room for success!


Choose Colors that Grow with Them

Chances are – if you’re like most parents – you hope to only paint your child’s room once. That means thinking with more of a “big picture” mindset even when choosing a nursery color. Find a color that will age well along with your son or daughter. For example:

  • Instead of a light, princess pink, consider more of an earthtone shade of pink
  • Instead of painting the entire room baby blue, consider painting just an accent wall
  • Instead of choosing a statement color, consider embracing a neutral color
  • Instead of an infant-themed mural, consider abstract lines or shapes
  • Instead of putting the personality into the walls, choose to paint the furniture with pops of color


Create Zones

Expert interior designer Deb Daniels encourages people to remember to, “Think about the purpose of the space or room when choosing paint colors. What do you hope that space will be used for and how can your colors support that?” We love that advice and think it applies especially well to your child’s room.

Does your child love to create with blocks, paints, clay or beads? Create an “artist zone” by painting an accent wall with a fun, funky jewel tone and set up all his/her supplies along that wall. Does your tween devour books by the dozen? Create a cozy “reading nook” with an intelligent, soothing sage grey wall, warm vanilla bookshelves and a fun beanbag chair or two. Is your high schooler obsessed with his favorite pro sport team? Create a “fan zone” with the team’s colors and a poster or two to go on the wall where his/her tv is mounted (for optimal game viewing).


Add Interest with Design

Want to know a secret? You don’t have to be an artist or professional residential painter in Asheville to give your child’s room a more sophisticated theme or design element. All you need are a few carefully placed shapes! Think about your son or daughter’s favorite place or book or activity and use simple shapes to re-create a conceptual version of it.

  • Hand paint or stencil in shapes that come together to form an abstract landscape mural
  • Accent one wall with vertical or horizontal stripes of complementary colors
  • Don’t forget about the ceiling – it’s just begging for a bold, all-over color with randomly placed shimmering silver circles (planets) and diamonds (stars).


Remember: Paint is Not Just for Walls

Finally, we encourage you to think outside the box (or think outside the wall) about where you can use your child’s favorite paint color. This is an especially helpful trick if your son or daughter is in love with a particularly “loud” color that you think/hope will phase out in time. You can paint their headboard, crib, chair or dollhouse with that beloved Coyote Orange color and preserve your sanity with a soothing complementary neutral on the walls.


Interior Painting in Asheville NC

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