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Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of any home. You’ve probably witnessed over and over again that it’s the room everyone wants to be in during any holiday, celebration or get-together. But did you know that the color and quality of paint in your kitchen can really impact the comfort level of that environment? It’s true! Our color experts here at D.A.B. Painting, a team of local Asheville interior painters, know just how to create the look and feel you want for your unique kitchen.

Let’s get into a few of the top reasons to consider repainting your kitchen!


Brighten up your space

One of the top reasons you might want to consider repainting your kitchen is because it feels too dark. A dark paint color on your kitchen walls may make the room seem smaller than it actually is as well as possibly making creating a less inviting environment.

You want a color that will make your kitchen feel bright, light, and energizing to be in. Some of the colors that tend to help with that are:

You will also want to be sure that the color you choose blends well with your other kitchen staples like the appliances and backsplash. The right kitchen wall color can make everything in the room pop!


Update Old Cabinets

Another reason you should consider repainting your kitchen is to give an updated look to your cabinets. You don’t need to invest in a whole new set of kitchen cabinets just to get a fresh new look in your home! You can save a fortune by painting instead of replacing – kitchen cabinets are one the of most expensive items in your kitchen.

Painting cabinets may sound like a simple task but, in reality, there are many steps required to get a finished cabinet project that looks just right! Our expert Asheville painters here at D.A.B. Painting are seasoned professionals in the art of painting cabinetry. Contact us today to speak with someone on our team about how we can help you refinish the kitchen of your dreams!


Attract Homebuyers (or Improve your Home’s Value)

One more significant reason to consider repainting your kitchen is for the added home value it offers. You may be thinking of selling your home or just ensuring your home is continuing to hold its value. Either way, the right wall or cabinet color can add significant value to your home.

The right kitchen can often be the main reason a family chooses to buy one home over another. A fresh, vibrant kitchen will signal to a buyer that they do not need to think about the additional cost of an expensive kitchen remodel. It’s already done for them!


Kitchen Painter in Asheville – Interior Painting 

If you’re thinking about repainting your home’s kitchen and think you might need some help, you are right! The Asheville NC painters at D.A.B. Painting is up for the challenge. You don’t need to wait until you have time to do it yourself. We want to get you on the fast track to making even more memories in a fresh, beautiful kitchen space.

Get in touch with us today to talk about your next painting project and get a FREE estimate.

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