One of our favorite parts of our work is watching how customers choose just the right colors to accent their home or workplace. Inspiration can come from anywhere – a throw pillow, a blanket, or a favorite painting. It can even come from nature and the changing seasons. Today we’d like to highlight just that. Read on to learn the top ways to use winter to shape your next home color choices.


The Winter Blues

One of the most common colors associated with the winter months is blue. We like to think that idea is inspired by the ghostly hint of blue that we find in the shimmer of a snowflake or icicle. Although, perhaps the inky blue midnight sky of New Year’s Eve is just as much of a muse. Whatever the influence, we love it. And, as far as using those winter blue for accent or paint colors, our Asheville painters recommend the following:


Lingering Fall Reds & Browns

You know how sometimes there’s just a few leaves clinging to their tree when the first snow fall happens? If that deep red or warm brown contrasted by the pure white fluff of winter doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will. We also like to draw winter color themes from the roaring fire we sit by on those beloved family holiday celebrations. To imprint these cherished images into your home color palette, try one or more of the following colors:


Warm Neutrals

No winter color theme would be complete without a few soft and sophisticated neutrals. We’re talking about colors that make you think of the soundtrack to White Christmas. These winter color-themed neutrals offer a subtle tone that can brighten a room with the same cheer and warmth of twinkle lights. Here are a few of our favorites for winter season:


Celebratory Jewel Tones

Last but not least, winter color themes must also raise a glass to the vibrancy of the winter season. For this, we look to the deep, dramatic category of jewel tones. Just as the name suggests, this palette is packed with gem-like colors such as ruby reds, rich amethysts and sapphire blues. Here are a few to use when planning your holiday decorations:


Asheville Painters

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