We’re a huge fan of paint prep. In fact, we would even go so far as to say that the quality put into the paint prep can make or break the quality of the final paint product. Today we’re going to be talking specifically about power washing – an important part of exterior paint prep. Our painting pros want to share four reasons you ought to consider hiring a professional painting service for your power washing.


1: Professionals Have the Right Power Washing Equipment

While it’s true that anyone can rent or buy their own power washer, it does take time to become comfortable using it. This is especially true when using a power washer on different surfaces – power washing is not a one-size-fits-all type of task (as you’ll see later in reason #3).

Professional painters have industrial grade power washing equipment that is built specifically for paint prep. They go through specialized training to know exactly how to use that equipment so that it cleans the surface of your home or business without compromising its structural integrity. This is especially important in restoration work or historic home painting.


2: Professionals Can Identify Where to Pressure Wash

There are plenty of places around your home’s exterior where power washing can save time and energy while preparing for a fresh coat of paint. Some of the most common areas/needs include:

  • Mold and mildew removal
  • Gutter whitening
  • Deck cleaning
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Rust removal

D.A.B.’s professional Asheville house painters will power wash any of these areas as needed in preparation for your residential or commercial painting job. You won’t have to worry about what parts of your home can or cannot be power washed – we will provide top quality care to each area with our suite of power washing services.


3: Professionals Will Use the Right Pressure for the Job

Your friendly neighborhood professional painting services in Asheville, NC also want to remind you that there are different areas of a building that call for different intensities of pressure. Our team of experts are prepared for any surface or stain challenge they may encounter during their preparations, including:

  • The appropriate pressure level to use specifically for removing debris
  • The specific types of cleaning solutions that are (and are not) recommended to use along with the pressure washing process
  • The distance to keep between the nozzle of the pressure washer and the surface of the building (which changes with the intensity of the pressure)


4: Professionals Know When NOT to Power Wash

The last – but not least – reason to leave pressure washing to the pros: there are times when power washing is not the best way to prepare a surface for painting. Some of the more common reasons to opt for hand-washing or soft washing instead include:

When you hire a team of professionals, they will take the time to assess your property and use prep techniques that your unique home or office call for.


Painting Services in Asheville, NC

Before we paint the exterior of your property—or re-stain a deck—it’s important to prep the surface. The professional team of Asheville Painters at D.A.B. Painting will make sure the surface free and clear of dust, dirt, mildew, old paint and other fibers with the right pressure, tools and technique. This allows for new paint to adhere properly and give you the end result you’re dreaming of. Call today for your free estimate!

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