Painting Services in Asheville NC

Proper paint preparation is critical to achieving a perfect and professional looking end result in your home or office. Once the walls are clean and ready to go, there are still a number of steps to take before applying paint to your walls. Here at D.A.B. Painting, we value taking the time upfront to prepare your space!

Our painting services in Asheville NC cover interior, exterior, historic property, repairs and so much more! Read to get our basic painting prep tips.


Move and cover property that’s not being painted

One of the biggest pieces of advice for a smooth painting project is to move your furniture out of the way before getting started. If you’re not able to fully move the items in your home, just move them into the center of the room and cover them with plastic sheets. We recommend using masking tape at the bottom of the sheets to ensure they are securely in place. This step protects your furniture and other property from paint spatter and dust from sanding. Moving furniture also frees up your space to paint freely.


Protect the Floors

Canvas drop cloths are a lifesaver when it comes to professional painting. A big perk of canvas is that they are not slippery, and they will absorb spatter fast! Our interior painting crew avoids plastic sheets on the floor as paint tends to stay wet for a long time, making it easy to track paint from your shoes all over the place. Canvas drop clothes are easy to move around and ideal for protecting your floors.


Mask Surfaces

Before interior painting, it’s important to use painter’s tape to mask-off and protect the areas you don’t want painted. Painters tape is different than regular masking tape as the adhesive backing is less sticky. This allows you to mask off areas for a clean edge! It’s much easier to remove without damaging the finished product. Here are a few of the surfaces we always recommend masking before getting started:

  • Mirrors
  • Countertops
  • Vanities
  • Light fixtures
  • Trim, baseboards & woodwork
  • Sinks
  • Hardware


Test Your Paint Colors

Our last interior paint prep tip is to test out your paint color to ensure it’s exactly what you expected. Open a can and mix it property, then apply two coats to your wall—the second coat often makes a big difference! Looking at the color directly on your wall gives you the best sense of how the color will work with your room. Another tip is to ensure there is proper lighting in the room, depending if you like natural light or bright light, the colors may display differently than you anticipated.


Painting Services in Asheville NC

The key takeaway to achieving a professional looking paint job is that preparation matters! Without the proper setup there is no way to achieve the beautiful end result you are hoping for. Need help painting your Asheville area home or office? The D.A.B. Painting team has the skills and resources to turn your vision into reality. Get in touch with us today to talk about your next painting project and get a FREE estimate.

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