After nearly 30 years as residential painters in Asheville, you get pretty familiar with the most common “whoopsies” that homeowners make while doing home painting projects. (Don’t worry – you are not alone; we weren’t always pros!) We decided to put together a “Top 7” list of the most common mistakes so that you know what is worth putting the time and money into for your next home improvement project. Read on to save yourself time and quality!


1) Painting in Humid Weather

We know what it’s like to have your project day ruined by rain or humidity. Unfortunately, it’s not just a myth – humidity really does matter. Wait for a dry day or pop a dehumidifier into the room 1-2 days before you are going to paint it. Humid weather prevents the paint from sealing well.


2) Skipping the Tape

Although it feels like a tedious way to begin a project, taping is what gives a project it’s clean, professional looking edges. Yes, it does take time and it is tedious but do it anyway. Nothing stands out more than an unrefined edge.

When you hire D.A.B. to do the work for you, you might notice that we skip the tape. This is because, as professional residential painters in Asheville, our team has developed the skill of cutting in a straight line in almost any situation. We only apply tape if spraying or in a tight spot or maybe while rolling to prevent splatter in baseboards.


3) Not Removing the Cabinet Doors (when re-doing kitchen cabinets)

When working on a DIY kitchen makeover, it’s a smart idea to remove the cabinet doors and hardware from the cabinets before painting the cabinet doors. You will have to paint one side of the doors and let them dry before flipping them over and doing the same to the other side.

This is another step that the pros approach a little differently. We will either leave the doors on as the hinges provide a perfect situation for all sides to be painted at one time or we remove the doors and spray them in a controlled environment. In both cases, we have the experience and equipment necessary to create a picture-perfect finish for you!


4) Using a Brush When You Should Use a Roller (and vice versa)

Rollers are the top choice for covering large areas efficiently with even pressure. Brushes, in contrast, are best for detailed work such as seams, edges and trim. We know it may be tempting just keep going with the same tool you already have your hand on, but it really does make a difference when you use the right tool for the job.


5) Using Cheap Supplies

Cheap rollers shed lint and will not hold a lot of paint. Cheap brushes shed hair and will leave your paint looking “streaky.” Do your research and find brushes and rollers that match your specific project. You can start by reading our blog on tools that help make a DIY look like a professional paint job for top brush and roller tips from our team!


6) Skipping the Primer

Primer helps prepare – or “prime” – a surface for the paint to do its absolute best job. You will want to choose a primer that is created for the surface you are painting on, too. There are primers for stained wood surfaces, primers for fresh drywall, primers for masonry, primers for wallpaper and more! If you want your project to look clean, fresh, vibrant, and not take a dozen gallons to complete, primer is a must-do.


7) DIY’ing When You Really Want to Hire a Pro

We know it seems like everyone is DIY’ing their homes these days. But what everyone is not telling you is how much that “simple” DIY project is costing in terms of dollars, time, and sanity. When you hire a pro for your home painting project, you get a free estimate first. You also get peace of mind that it will all turn out the way it’s supposed to. And the best part is that you won’t spend your free time frustrated and covered in paint splatters. You do not have to make every project a DIY; it’s okay to get some help from your friendly neighborhood painting pros.


Painting Contractor in Asheville NC

D.A.B. Painting is a full-service painting company offering painting services in Buncombe County NC and beyond. Our experience allows us to provide a superior finish, with a focus on prep work and professional applications using quality products. The attention to detail is evident in every project—small or large. Get in touch today and allow us to help with all your residential or commercial painting needs.

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