We all know that many times home improvement projects can be much more work than you anticipate. Even if it’s not your first “rodeo,” each painting project is likely to have its own challenges. That’s why it’s essential to have the right tools and products that will help you produce fantastic results regardless of challenges. To that end, your paint experts at D.A.B., an Asheville painting company, will be sharing a few of our favorite painting products.


Best Exterior and Interior Paint Brands

When we tackle a painting project, we only use the best. That means there’s only two paint companies for us: Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.

  • For Exterior painting projects: We love Sherwin Williams because it offers both durable, unfading color and tough exterior protection technology. They offer a wide variety of products that can suit even the most unique projects. When we take on exterior historical restoration work – it’s the only name we trust.
  • For Interior painting projects: Benjamin Moore has our heart. Their coverage and color quality just can’t be beat. They even have specialty products that are built to last in a variety of different interior environments, including humidity and a full line of environmentally responsible paint.


Best of Sprayer Technology

In the past 5 years, paint sprayers have become much more accessible and common place for the average DIY consumer. However, buying isn’t your only option – there are plenty rental options available through local and national hardware stores and rental businesses.

There are two categories of paint sprayers: airless sprayers and High-Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) sprayers.

  • Airless sprayers are far more convenient and more powerful. Also, airless sprayers are high volume sprayers and work well on areas such as ceiling, interior walls and/or exterior siding. Most have different size tips and a pressure adjustment. These are both important and should be determined by how wide open your space is and how smooth or textured the surface is that’s being sprayed.
  • HVLP sprayers are a bit easier to control and a more budget-friendly option. HVLP sprayers are designed for low volume spraying ideal for spraying your trim or cabinetry. They will help reduce overspray as well as provide a nice smooth finish.

If you are considering renting a commercial-grade paint sprayer for your project, we recommend inquiring about training that may come with your rental. There are also a lot of great tutorials available on YouTube for any given model.


Best Brushes & Rollers

First, never skimp on price when purchasing a brush or a roller. Even the most experienced professional painters will struggle with crisp cut in lines with an inexpensive brush. Also, an inexpensive roller cover will release small particles of fuzz in your finish and tend to leave an edge (or in painters’ terms – a roller mark).

Some additional thoughts on top paint products include:

  • Chinex Brush: Chinex brushes are long lasting & clean up easy however a nylon/poly brush will provide a more detailed finish.
  • Roller Cover: Roller covers should be determined by the surface you are painting. If you are painting smooth walls, a 3/8″ nap works great. For cabinetry or trim, we recommend a 1/4″ nap. When working on a porous or textured surface, a 3/4″-1’1/4″ will help fill uneven surfaces.
  • Paint Touch-up Pen: Quick, convenient option to repair minor paint scratches and scuffs that are bound to occur later.
  • Contour Stain Applicator: Simplifying your spindle and railing staining process.


Best Cleaning & Preserving Tools

Sometimes the best products to help with cleaning are products that prevent messes from occurring in the first place. We’ve included in this category products that help with mess-prevention as well as traditional clean up and product preservation.

  • Speedy Roller Cleaner: Fastest, easiest way to clean off those paint rollers.
  • Frog Tape: Tape off so that there’s less to clean up later!
  • Roller Keeper: Not done with the job? No problem – these will keep your roll from drying up.
  • Covergrip Safety Drop Cloth: This drop cloth uses grip technology to keep it from sliding.

Take it from us – you won’t save any time or energy if you don’t prepare your workspace properly first. Do all the prep work up front to save yourself time in the long run. Learn more about paint prep right here.


Asheville Painting Company

Of course, the very best DIY recommendation we can offer you is to pick up your phone and call D.A.B. Painters to get the job done for you! D.A.B. Painting has been serving Asheville & surrounding Western North Carolina counties since 1993. We specialize in residential/commercial repaints and restoration—both interior and exterior. Let us take care of your painting projects so that you have more time for all the other DIY dreams you’ve got on your bucket list.

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