Historic property is everywhere in Western North Carolina. It gives our mountain town a unique, beautiful and history-rich vibe. When it comes to repainting historic property, there’s a lot more care, detail and applied skill that needs to go into the job compared to modern construction. From property preparation to the type of paint used and repairs needed, special techniques are essential in order to successfully renovate some of Asheville’s most important buildings.

Read on to learn about the experts in historic home painting in Asheville and what you should look for to preserve the beauty and character of your property.


What is Historic Painting Restoration?

The difference between regular house painting and historic home painting is one of complexity. Modern homes tend to be easy to wash and repaint quickly. Older homes require much greater attention to detail. The most common variables of a historic restore are as follows:

  • What are the unique qualities of the building?
  • What resources are required for proper restoration?
  • What prep work is needed?
  • What type of caulk or filler will work best?
  • Which paint coating will give the property the best appearance?

Be sure to hire a professional painting company, such as D.A.B. Painting, who specializes in historic homes. These professionals have taken the time to become educated and informed of all the variables that go into a successful and high-quality restore. 


Cleaning Up Old Paint

Older homes often have layers of old paint on the siding and trim that need to be stripped away before the fresh coats are applied. Depending on the property, finding the best paint removal method is a must. Here are a few solutions that should be considered after evaluating the historic property:

  • Chemical application
  • Sanding or grinding tools
  • Applying heat

When lead paint is present—usually on homes built before 1978 – additional protection is needed to manage dust hazards to the community and the paint crew.



Historic property has been through years of wear and tear. Often, some of the original details—or even structure—have been damaged. When you work with DAB Painting, the painting restorers in Asheville, you’ll have the most knowledgeable and experienced team of historic carpenters to fix repairs throughout your project. Some of the most common repairs include:

  • Exterior trim and siding repair
  • Interior plaster repair
  • Window replacement using historic glass


Historic Home Painters in Asheville

We understand that a historic home is more than a house. A historic homeowner has a connection to the unique past of the home. We want to ensure you restore your historic home right for the present and future generations to enjoy. Here at D.A.B. Painting, we aim to deliver a quality paint job that will stand the test of time. Let’s talk about your historic home painting in Asheville! Give us a call at 828-775-5707 or email

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