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Exterior Home Painter in Asheville

We all know how important first impressions are. This is especially true when it comes to the curb appeal of your home. In the world of real estate, a welcoming and beautiful exterior can make or break a home sale.

Professional painting is an easy way to quickly improve the appearance of your home. Whether you’re looking to list your home for top dollar or just refresh the exterior of your home for your family to enjoy, we’ve got some tips about getting optimal curb appeal with professional painting in Asheville!


Why Hire a Professional?

Exterior painting is a big job. It becomes even bigger when you don’t have the proper equipment, experience and a skilled team of people. A do-it-yourself project involves renting the proper equipment, transporting it and spending a lot of time getting the work done the right way. Hiring a professional paint crew gives you peace of mind and saves you a ton of time up front. Local Asheville painters add valuable benefits such as precise knowledge, experienced skill, quality workmanship, insightful recommendations and much more.


Power Washing & Cleaning

One of the first steps to improving the overall appearance of your home before you begin a paint job is to clean the dirt, mildew and other debris from your home with a professional power wash or soft wash. This removes layers of built-up particles and prepares the home’s base for a quality paint job! Experienced exterior home painters in Asheville will clean the exterior façade of your home, decking, woodwork, trim and other detail/home surfaces.



One step most homeowners skip is a good prep job. After washing to remove dirt, prep is very important! First, sand all surfaces to be painted and remove loose paint. Sanding will insure a proper bond of new finishes. Second, don’t forget to spot prime all raw wood. Third, on some occasions there may be areas of wood rot or surface damage. Address these issues by removing and replacing damaged areas. Last, a good caulk job is a must. Filling all those cracks and nail holes really makes a paint job stand out.


Color Refresh

A professional paint job sends the message that your property is well maintained. This is extremely important to home buyers who are looking to save money on exterior home repairs.

A professional coat of the right color combination on your home’s siding, shutters and trim will go a long way in creating a property that looks great and compliments its surroundings.


Rejuvenate Entryway

A clean and pretty entryway is paramount to curb appeal!  A great way to update your entryway is to paint the exterior door a fresh color. Choose a color that complements the main color scheme of your home—D.A.B. Painting, an exterior home painter in Asheville, can help you choose a stand-out color to make your entry way pop!



We can’t forget the finishing touches. Giving a professional fresh coat to the little things adds up to one big, beautiful view. D.A.B Painting can help you with all these and more:

  • Mailbox
  • Fencing
  • Wood deck/railing staining
  • Garage
  • House numbers
  • Fixtures
  • Other home accents


Exterior Home Painter in Asheville

D.A.B. Painting provides unmatched professional and reliable exterior and interior painting services. As a trusted painting team in Asheville and the surrounding area of Western North Carolina, we ensure the job is done right! Get in touch with us today to talk about your next painting project and get a FREE estimate.

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