No one wants to experience paint flaking or cracking on their home or professional building but, unfortunately, it’s a fairly common problem. It doesn’t have to be, however. Your neighborhood Asheville house Painters at D.A.B. Painters are here to walk you through all you need to know about paint cracks and how to avoid (or fix) them!


Why it’s BAD 

One of the more obvious reasons that cracking or flaking paint is bad is because it negatively affects the building’s curb appeal. However, the full spectrum of the problem affects much more than just appearances.

  • Peeling, falling paint can be inhaled or ingested, causing a significant health risk (especially if you used paint made before 1978, which could contain lead)
  • Paint cracks leave the building’s exterior vulnerable to insects and nature damage
  • Large cracks could be an indication of structural issues
  • Exposed walls have increased risk for water damage to the walls and more


Common Causes of Cracked Paint

The bottom line is that any time paint cracks or flakes, it’s due to a loss of adhesion. That being said, there are several reasons paint may lose its adhesion. Some of the more common causes include the following:


Humidity & Moisture

Many surfaces naturally harbor water – such as brick and wood – and require special preparation prior to painting to avoid peeling or cracking. High humidity levels in the air on the day of paint application can also leave a surface prone to cracking or peeling.


Lack of Property Surface Preparation

All surfaces need to be properly prepared before any paint, even just a thin layer, is applied. Depending on the type of surface, there could be layers of old paint, dirt, imperfections, excess caulk, or even insect nests. (Check out our blog on paint prep to learn more about this process.)


Lower Quality Paint

They say, “you get what you pay for” and, in this case, it’s true. Lower quality paint [or even old, expired paint] can often lead to chipping and flaking. When it comes to your walls’ protection and longevity, spend the extra bit for a higher quality paint. We are big

fans of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams products.


Paint Incompatibility

Different paints have been thinned to different levels, which affects the type of bond the paint can make with the surface it’s applied to. Every surface type responds differently to paint and, without proper consideration, can leave it open to peeling and flaking.


What to do?

Once you notice you have peeling or flaking paint, don’t wait to take care of it. The sooner you tackle this problem, the more money and hassle you will save yourself. Don’t leave your walls exposed to other possible threats any longer than you must.

Also, while we recognize that there are several DIY fixes you could try, the truth is that the best way to guarantee this problem is completely fixed is to hire a professional. The D.A.B. Painters—an Asheville House Painter—will even offer you a free estimate, so you know the cost ahead of time as well as what caused the loss of adhesion and what we will do to ensure you won’t have this issue anymore.


Painting Service in Buncombe County NC

If you’re looking for Painting service in buncombe county NC to help you with your painting project, look no further! D.A.B. Painting is prepared to take on any challenge, from flaking paint to historic home renovations and everything in between. Call us today to schedule your free estimate.

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