With nearly 30 years of exterior and interior painting in Asheville, we’ve seen nearly all there is to see for painting trends. One of our favorite areas to see a splash of creativity in is trim color. We know white is always going to be the trusted standby but – for those of us who are willing to try something different – taking the “risk” of colored trim really does pay off. Here are our top suggestions if you’re thinking about giving it a try.


Midnight Dream 2129-10 by Benjamin Moore

Black trim is very on trend as well as surprisingly flexible. It can add a hint of elegance to a farmhouse-styled interior. It is just as effective at accenting the glamour of a Victorian-styled kitchen or parlor. If modern is your thing, consider Midnight Dream your top pick for a trim refresh because of its sleek and bold personality. You might say this trim option is a bit of a chameleon – we think it can work with just about anything!


Silver Dollar 1460 by Benjamin Moore

For those of us who prefer more of a simple, neutral look to their trim, our teams who specialize in interior painting in Asheville highly recommend Silver Dollar. It’s the perfect shade of grey for baseboards, window trim and door trim. While white trim tends to show ever little scuff and smudge and fingerprint, a silvery grey trim will be much more effective at camouflaging the dirt. It’s also not quite as bold, which allows more versatility with wall color and accent piece. We love this one for professional spaces, too!


Oil Cloth CSP-760 by Benjamin Moore

This pensive green is akin to a sophisticated sage. We love how it can be used together as a wall and trim color, turning any room into a statement of cool, calm and collected energy. It pairs well with wall colors in the grey palate as well as a slightly lighter shade of itself (for a monochromatic feel). You will be able to have quite a bit of fun accenting this room with colorful pops of yellows, reds or violets in your pillows, curtains and throw blankets!


Sienna Clay 104 by Benjamin Moore

Finally, we wanted to include something with a dash more pizzaz for those of you who enjoy some spice in your home décor. We love sienna clay as a trim color because it has the warmth of a natural wood tone. It’s terra cotta orange hue with a hint of a beige is the perfect complement to a wide variety of wall colors, including the blue/green palate as well as a sophisticated vanilla or crème.


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