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If you don’t paint often, details like choosing the right paint color or finish can feel overwhelming. However, when you understand how those details work, it can really transform a room. That’s why your friendly neighborhood painters at D.A.B. Painting put together this quick, handy guide to the major types of finishes you will encounter in the paint world. We’ve got you covered with the pros, the cons, and application recommendations for each type!


Flat/Matte Paint

Pros: Like the name implies, flat or matte paint finish has the least amount of sheen to it. Its reflective quality is “flat.” That means it does a fantastic job of hiding any tiny imperfections – like bumps, chips or scratches – on the wall’s surface. It’s also a very budget-friendly option because it has the best coverage.

Cons: It’s the least resistant to stains. That means it’s not the finish you would want for a high traffic area such as a hallway or kitchen where handprints or splatters are likely. The expert painters in Asheville NC at D.A.B. Painting recommend you keep a small can stashed away to touch up any potential smears and smudges.

D.A.B. Recommendations: Great for ceilings, formal sitting rooms, adults’ bedrooms or offices.


Eggshell Paint

Pros: Once again, the name gives it away because an eggshell finish has the amount of shine you would see on the outside of an egg’s shell! But that little bit of shimmer goes a long way in improving a paint’s durability. You can put this finish in nearly any space and get away with it.

Cons: Eggshell finish isn’t quite as forgiving as flat or matte when it comes to bumps or imperfections. Over time, those little unpatched cracks or nail holes will begin to show through a bit. Take the time to carefully prep your walls! Consider getting a little help from Asheville painting services like D.A.B. Painters, where wall prep and unforgiving finishes are our forte! Also, check out our blog on painting prep for more insight!

D.A.B. Recommendations: Perfect for everyday spaces like kids’ bedrooms, dining rooms and living rooms.


Satin Paint

Pros: The satin finish is another step up in the shine department. It’s also much more durable than a flat or eggshell finish, which means it’s significantly easier to clean without chipping the paint off.

Cons: Application mistakes such as haphazard brush strokes or roller flaws will stand out much more when using this finish. You won’t be able to get away with touch up’s later on, either.

D.A.B. Recommendations: Tough enough for trim, molding or doorways as well as family rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and especially kitchens.


Gloss Paint

In this category, there are two types: semi-gloss and high gloss. Semi-gloss has slightly more sheen than satin, whereas high gloss gives any surface an extremely reflective quality, similar to that of glass.

Pros: Both semi and high gloss are extremely durable. High gloss has been said to have the durability of an appliance’s surface. This finish will add glamor to any accent wall or feature in your room. It’s also incredibly easy to clean and works well in areas of high moisture.

Cons: Semi and high gloss finishes make the paint more difficult to apply with precision. It tends to draw attention to surface imperfections as well as application inconsistencies. However, with a little help from the pros, it can really make a room pop!

D.A.B. Recommendations: A fantastic accent finish for trim, windows, doors and chair rails moulding.


Painters in Asheville NC

Don’t let the details take away from the fun of giving your home or office a fresh look! The Asheville painting services company D.A.B. Painting is ready to tackle your next project today so that you don’t have to worry about the work and can just enjoy the results. We can also help you find just the right spots for all these different finishes and more!

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